Hello Everyone!
The amazing thing about this blog is that I can turn back time to January and find out the resolutions I made for 2014... Whether this is a good or bad thing I don't know. 
So, did I keep them?

1. Drink more green tea.
This one definitely went down the toilet, I just have it from time to time. I can't force myself to go back to drinking it 24/7 like I used to when I just don't find it tasty anymore.

2. Read more books.
Another one I just couldn't keep... I read a few, The Great Gatsby, Why We Broke Up, Two Boys Kissing, How Do You Stop Your Sister's Wedding Night, Every Day. It seems like quite a few but I read all of these in about 2 months then gave up. Oops,

3. Write more. 
I definitely kept this up for the majority of the year, but my writing went into a bit of a slump in September when sixth form rolled around. I just felt guilty writing blog posts when I should've been doing homework.

4. Achieve good GCSE results.
I actually wrote a post in August about my GCSE results. I am very happy with them (5 BS, 5 AS, 1 A*). That's one I actually kept!! 

So maybe I didn't keep them quite as well as I hoped. I'm definitely going to start thinking of some resolutions for 2015! 

Did you keep your 2014 resolutions?
Lizzie x



Hello Everyone!

I just saw this tag over on The Brunette Head's blog and thought it would be fun to try out for myself. I hope you enjoy!

What is your natural haircolour? Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
My natural hair colour is a dark brown but lighter than the colour I am at the minute. I have had it done at the salon but find it no better than when I do it myself!

How often do you wash your hair?
Every other day!

Do you wear the same style every day or change it?
I normally have the same hairstyle for 2/3 days, then swap. 

How often do you change your nail polish?
I never normally wear it to be honest, when I do I take it off after about 4 days.

How long does it take you to do your makeup?
However long I have! If I have 2 minutes, then 2 minutes. If I have 2 hours, then 2 hours.

Do you 'collect' makeup or buy when you need?
Definitely a collector. I never need anything really I have too many backups!

How often do you wear fake eyelashes?
Never really, I would love to but I actually don't keep any in my makeup drawers unless I've bought some for a certain occasion.

Will you leave the house without makeup?
Only to walk the dog.

Do you wear makeup when you are home alone/with family?
Not the family I live with, but any other family I'll be wearing makeup.

Do you plan your OOTD or decide when you wake up?
I plan it as I'm laid in bed trying to sleep.

How often do you change your handbag?
Whenever my current one breaks!

Do you speak a foreign language?
Not really, all I have is a B in GCSE French.

Do you read the comments on your posts?
I'm constantly refreshing to see if I've gotten any!

Do you keep a list of products to try as you read other blogs?
Not really, I'm more of an impulse buyer.

How did you come up with your blog's name?
No clue - just randomly came to me!

What kind of camera do you use for blog photos?
I either use my crappy little fujifilm I've had for about 5 years or the one on my iPhone 4S. Both are pretty rubbish.

I'd love for anyone reading this to try this tag out for themselves!
Have a lovely Christmas,
Lizzie x 



Hello Everyone!
You might've seen in my Primark/MAC Haul the other day that I picked up this gorgeous pigment from the Sized to Go section in 'Vanilla'.This was definitely an impulse buy as I panicked at the counter and couldn't say no, but it was so worth it.

I always thought that MAC gave you too much product in the full size of a pigment, but I don't think so anymore. This little Sized to Go baby will last me a fair while - but I can definitely see myself running out in the future.  This baby was £10 and a full size is £18.

Not only is this pigment amazing on the eyelids - which cannot be denied, I love it amazing amounts - it also makes a perfect highlighter. I just like to dab a few dots onto my cheekbones then brush them out. I do the same down my nose and on my cupids bow. It just creates a really natural looking highlight and I have recieved so many compliments whilst wearing this pigment.

I think 'Vanilla' is such a versatile shade and is wearable all year round. I would love to try some more pigments in the future! 

What do you think of MAC pigments?
Lizzie x 


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Hello Everyone!
Today was the first day in absolute yonks that I haven't been at work, school or poorly. So I am definitely taking advantage! No, I don't mean having a rest like any other person would; I mean travelling up to busy Nottingham to spend all of my wages!
I only allowed myself £50 to spend as I have a bad habit of overspending, so I only got bits from Primark and MAC (my two favourite shops). 

These little slippers were strung across the floor in the shoe section, but sadly weren't in my size. But knowing how cuuute I thought they were, my boyfriend scoured the shop to find these in a size 6. These were only £5 and are so adorable!! Except the only problem is my dog thinks they're a toy...

This next item is my first ever MAC pigment, I have been lusting after them online for a good while but never knew which colour to get. I was just at the counter paying for my other items when I saw this little pigment in the 'Sized to Go' section for only £10 and I just knew I needed it. I am such an impulse buyer - it really is a problem.

I went to MAC with the intentions of buying Velvet Teddy - which of course they didn't have. Then I picked 3 others I liked - which of course they didn't have (SORT IT OUT MAC). So I ended up getting this beauty 'Modesty'. It is a cremesheen finish which I don't normally like but this really is gorgeous on.

This one is a bit boring - typical black work/school trousers. BUT they were only £5!!! And they are the best fitting trousers I've ever bought. Primark you absolute babes, bargain and a half.

This next dress is one of those buys you aren't really in love with when you buy but then you get home, try it on and realise it's the one. I just bought this for general parties and that around this holiday period, which i think it is fabulous for. And only a tenner too!

Can you tell I'm a tad exited about today's purchases? Not to mention the loooovely day I had with my boyfriend in Nottingham. Fab. Back to work tomorrow!

Post soon, Lizzie x 


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How important to you is your family?

For me, I like to think they are my number one priority. But I don't always act like it. We can all get a bit moody with our mums, even though they're only trying to help. We can sometimes ignore that phone call from that aunt that annoys us. Or not talk to a sibling for a few days because they ate the ice cream you bought (I can't blame you if it's Ben and Jerry's).

Ever since the loss of my Grandad this year, things have been put into perspective. I often leave the house for school/work after a heated argument with my Mum. But I always wonder to myself - what if those were our last words? What if something were happen to one of us today? All it takes is a moment.

I guess the point I'm trying to make here is smile. Try to get on with eachother, no matter how irritating we all are. We're family.




Hello Everyone!
I love reading Blogging Advice posts on here, but my favourite piece of advice never seems to come up. My Twitter and Instagram are personal accounts, in which I don't like to post about my blog often, so I find it hard to promote my posts. I find that most of my general views come from people clicking my name which I leave beneath a comment. And no, I don't leave a silly comment saying 'HI GR8 POST FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW XX'. I only post comments on posts I actually enjoy or have an opinion about, which I leave my blog's name at the bottom of. Simples. But how do you get a clickable link? It's easy, HTML.


<a href="www.lizwills.blogspot.co.uk">Lizzie's Corner</a>

Simply add in your own details, simple!
Lizzie x 

How Much Is My Face Worth? // PROM EDITION

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Hello Everyone!
As I'm sure you all know by now since I've made about 243984 posts about it - it was my prom last week. 
A while back now I made a post called 'How Much Is My Face Worth?' where I basically told you what makeup I was wearing, then totalled up the costs. It showed me how awful I am at spending money on makeup! So I thought I'd do another one of these - prom style. 

Benefit Porefessional - £24.50
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - £25
MAC Studio Fix Fluid - £21.50
MAC Mineralise Concealer - £16.50
Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder - £4
Seventeen Brow Pencil - £2.89
Benefit Stay Don't Stray - £20.50
MUA Undress Me Pallette - £4
Seventeen Eyeliner Pen - £4
Eyelure Katy Perry Lashes in Lovely Lolita - £5.95
MAC Strobe Cream - £12 (Sized to go)
Benefit High Beam - £19.50
Estee Lauder Lipstick in Stay Magnolia - £20

Total = £180.64

That seems like a really high price, but it's actually less than I expected! There is a whole face full of quality makeup for under £200 - which is a bargain when it comes to it as makeup is expensive! 
Not too bad, I wonder how much a mainly drugstore version would cost!

Lizzie x 

The Wonder Product ; MAC Strobe Cream


Have you ever bought a product that you just thought was the most wonderful product in the whole wide world? For me, it was MAC's Strobe Cream. 

I picked this up on a whim from the 'Sized to Go' section of Nottingham's MAC store a few months back, as I was upset that I'd only be leaving with a concealer and I hardly ever go for shopping trips. But when I got it home I was a little confused... What even is this product? Is it a moisturiser? Is it a highlighter? What do I do with it? I scoured the internet and everyone had different uses for it, so I gave them all a go. 

First I tried mixing it in with foundation, but it changed the consistency of my foundation to one that didn't glide across my skin very well and left my foundation brush a little sticky and gross. 

I also tried using this as a moisturiser and it wasn't that bad in all honesty, it makes your skin glow amazingly! But I'd definitely recommend covering it over with foundation to create a subtle glow otherwise you just look overly shiny. 

What I really love this product as is a highlighter. I've been a fan of Benefit's High Beam for so long, but that has a pink tinge and I don't always want a pink cheeked look. This has more of a transparent almost white tinge, it just makes you look more glowy and contoured when applied on the cheekbones, down the nose and under the eyebrows. I also sometimes apply this to my collarbones when I'm wearing a strapless top as they look so much better when highlighted. 

This product just makes a face of makeup look ten times better. I picked this up for only £12.50 for 30ml, whereas a full sized bottle gives you 50ml for £23.50. The sized to go tube is actually better value for money! 

Do you have this product? What do you think of it?
Lizzie x 

Estée Lauder Stay Magnolia Double Wear // Lips of the Day


Hello Everyone! 

I've been trying to get into lipsticks a bit more recently as I've always been way too scared to be daring, so I'm starting off lightly. 

This is Estée Lauder's Double Way Stay Magnolia. They describe it as the 'stay all day' lipstick and it is the most adorable natural looking pink, costing£20. 

I wore this recently to my Year 11 Prom, but didn't bother taking it with me as I didn't bring a bag and it promised to stay on for 12 hours. It obviously doesn't stay on for that long, I imagine if a lipstick stayed on for 12 hours it's either made of glue or the wearer doesn't move their lips the entire time. But it did do a good job of lasting about 4-5 hours. After that time had passed it didn't look as good as it did when I first put it on but there was still a hint of the colour still on my lips. I think that if you were going out for an entire day, reapplication might be necessary. 

(Not the best photo but me wearing Stay Magnolia)

Overall, I do love this shade and it does stay quite long. But £20 is a little steep for a lipstick, although it is Estée Lauder! 

Do you have this product? What do you think?
Lizzie x 

The Prom Post


Hello Everyone!
Last night was my Year 11 prom so I thought I'd share it with you. 

Dress - Fancy Frox
Necklace - My Mums
Shoes - New Look

I had such a good time and so did all of my friends. Overall the night was wonderful  but I did start feeling really sick towards the end and my feet were tired so I took my shoes off! I'd been really worried that prom was not all that it's cracked up to be but it was actually lovely. I'm so glad I went! 

Have you had your prom or do you have one coming up? 
Lizzie x