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How important to you is your family?

For me, I like to think they are my number one priority. But I don't always act like it. We can all get a bit moody with our mums, even though they're only trying to help. We can sometimes ignore that phone call from that aunt that annoys us. Or not talk to a sibling for a few days because they ate the ice cream you bought (I can't blame you if it's Ben and Jerry's).

Ever since the loss of my Grandad this year, things have been put into perspective. I often leave the house for school/work after a heated argument with my Mum. But I always wonder to myself - what if those were our last words? What if something were happen to one of us today? All it takes is a moment.

I guess the point I'm trying to make here is smile. Try to get on with eachother, no matter how irritating we all are. We're family.