Hello Everyone! 
So lately I've been so bored of my hair and fancying a change. I've been wanting to go all blonde but I decided I'd settle for the midpoint - ombré.
After reading endless reviews, I picked up this Bleach London DIY Dip Dye kit (£7) from Boots!
First off you have to mix the bleaching powder sachets with the developing lotion in the little tub they give you, I'd definitely recommend buying a bigger tub as this one definitely isn't big enough for the amount of product made.

I rubbed the 'blending lotion' all over where I was going to dye in order to create a more blended effect. I can't really say if this did anything because I haven't tried it without, but I don't feel that there are any super harsh lines.

Then I set to applying the dye. You have to work quickly in order to keep the bleaching even, which is a bit of a challenge! 

I only left the bleach on for 20 minutes as I've never used bleach before and was weary of how my hair would react. My hair hasn't gone super blonde (I didn't expect it to) but instead more of a natural auburn. I'm really happy with how this turned out, although my hair feels so dry and disgusting at th e minute, I'm very glad they give you their Reincarnation Mask to help it heal!

What do you think? 
Lizzie x 



Hello everyone!
I don't know if you've noticed before, but I'm a huge fan of Clarins products. At the minute I've switched up my makeup routine to include the Everlasting foundation so I thought I'd tell you what I think.

This foundation has high coverage, so putting too much on can be a huge mistake as you end up looking rather cakey. It's great though as one layer and you're good to go!

This foundation is slightly fragranced, which can be a problem on many peoples skin. But personally I haven't had any resulting breakouts from it yet. 

This foundation manages to stay put all day, my only problem with this foundation is its tendency to oxidise and get slightly darker throughout the day, which can be extremely annoying as it gives you that cakey look after a while. I think I'm going to keep this foundation for evenings and nights out where I want the coverage but it doesn't have too long on my face to be able to oxidise. 

I'd give this foundation an overall rating of 3/5! 

Have you tried Clarins everlasting foundation before?
Lizzie x 



Hello everyone! 
I thought it'd be cool if I shared with you my step by step makeup routine, this is just for work, school, etc.

First I apply my Bourjois healthy mix foundation with this beauty blender dupe I got for 99p on eBay - it works amazingly!
Then I apply my Rimmel natural bronzer using the RealTechniques contour brush under my cheekbones and around my face in the '3' motion.
Then I use shade 10 in the MUA Undressed Palette to fill in my brows.

From the same pallets I use shade 3 all over my lid and shade 5 in my crease.

Then I use Soap and Glory's Supercat eyeliner to create wings, then Seventeen Va Va Voom mascara.
Then I use this white shade from Trish McEvoy illumination palette to highlight my cheekbones.
I moisturise my lips with EOS blueberry balm, then fill in my lips using this Clarins lip pencil.
Then I go in with this Clarins lip colour stick over the top.
And voila! Everyday makeup - done.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post! Xx
Lizzie x 


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Hello Everyone!
If you read my Nottingham Haul, you'd know I picked up this baby last week. I tried on a tonne of different shades, but they only seemed to have 'Modesty' in stock. MAC lippys go for £15.50 a pop, so I don't exactly treat myself to these too often. But that's probably due to the hour and a half travel to my nearest store... 

I personally think that this is a gorgeous colour, it's perfect for the colder months. Which in England is most of them! I don't know how else to describe it other than a 'dark neutral' shade. As I'm quite pale this shade stands out more, but less on more tanned skins. 

Since it's a cremesheen finish, this lipstick is super pigmented. One swipe and you're done. Sadly the one thing that lets cremesheen lippys down is that they have no staying power. In an hour or less it will need to be reapplied, in my personal experience. So you'll definitely need to carry this in your handbag if you're going for a day out. 

Apart from its staying power, I love this lipstick. It is such a gorgeously natural shade perfect for everyday wear and I think that it could easily suit most skin tones. 

You can purchase 'Modesty' here
Lizzie x 


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Hello everyone!
I only picked up a new MAC lippy last week - but now I've gone and done it again! 
I went for a day out in Chester whilst visiting my brother in Wales and found the MAC counter in Debenhams. I picked out the shade New York Apple (I think) for my brothers girlfriend and couldn't resist picking up Sin for myself.

Sin is a deep matte red with dark purple tones. It's so bold and eye catching I just fell in love with it. I wore this shade NYE and it didn't budge at all! The only problem I think is that the finish makes your lips feel so dry (and the £15 price tag!). Other than that I am totally in looove with this shade and will be wearing it so often from now on. 

What di you think of Sin?
Lizzie x