Hello Everyone! 
So lately I've been so bored of my hair and fancying a change. I've been wanting to go all blonde but I decided I'd settle for the midpoint - ombré.
After reading endless reviews, I picked up this Bleach London DIY Dip Dye kit (£7) from Boots!
First off you have to mix the bleaching powder sachets with the developing lotion in the little tub they give you, I'd definitely recommend buying a bigger tub as this one definitely isn't big enough for the amount of product made.

I rubbed the 'blending lotion' all over where I was going to dye in order to create a more blended effect. I can't really say if this did anything because I haven't tried it without, but I don't feel that there are any super harsh lines.

Then I set to applying the dye. You have to work quickly in order to keep the bleaching even, which is a bit of a challenge! 

I only left the bleach on for 20 minutes as I've never used bleach before and was weary of how my hair would react. My hair hasn't gone super blonde (I didn't expect it to) but instead more of a natural auburn. I'm really happy with how this turned out, although my hair feels so dry and disgusting at th e minute, I'm very glad they give you their Reincarnation Mask to help it heal!

What do you think? 
Lizzie x 


  1. Looks really good! x

  2. I've been bleaching my hair recently so I know how gross the ends can feel! Nothing that a deep conditioner won't fix though :)

    It looks really lovely - suits you! X

  3. I would love to ombre my hair blonde but i don't want to use bleach XD However might give it a try.