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Hello Everyone!
When I was in Meadowhall the other day I told myself I wouldn't buy anything from Lush as products are about a fiver a pop and just last one bath, but my boyfriend wanted to go in and then I just couldn't resist Unicorn Horn!

Unicorn Horn is part of Lush's 2015 Valentines Day Collection and retails at £3.25. I thought the price was pretty good for a bubble bar as these babies actually last 2-3 baths depending how much you use. 

I was drawn to this bubble bar by the gorgeous pastel colours and shimmers all over it, although upon reading others' reviews I've found out it was meant to have little stars in it - which mine sadly didnt. This was actually the last one on the pile so it was probably the worst looking one out of the batch! 

There's no strong scent about 'Unicorn Horn' when you smell it as a bar or in your bath, so it's perfect for those who don't want something too overpowering. I've found in the past just storing Lush products in the bathroom cupboards have stunk up the entire corridor! 

I couldn't get a really good photo out of pure fear of dropping my camera in the bath, but the water turned pinky purpley (very precise colour term, I know). It created a fair few bubbles too, but they were hiding down the other end of the bath in this photo! 

Overall, I do really like this bubble bar and I would definitely repurchase it!

Have you tried any of the 2015 Valentines Collection?
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Lizzie x 

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