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Hello everyone!

I've been noticing that my hair has been really dry recently so I decided to pick up a hair mask in Boots. I didn't do any prior research so I basically just went on packaging and price. I ended up with this L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mask Balm (£5.09). L'oreal actually do a bunch of these masks for all different hair types but this one is meant to be the most nourishing.

I've used it a handful of times on my hair (focussing on the ends) and I've hardly even made a dent in the product as there is just sooo much!! I think the value is amazing for what you get out of this product. 

I've been recieving a tonne of compliments on the shininess of my hair lately and I put it all down to this baby. It has rid my hair of its awful dryness and make it gorgeously silky. I have no complaints about this product - it even SMELLS amazing!! 

Have you tried this? 
Lizzie x 

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