Lizzie's Corner: On Finishing First Year

Friday, 2 June 2017

On Finishing First Year

Today I had my last exam of first year.

Right now I'm listening to 'Perfect Places' by Lorde and watching people hide under their coats as they run through the pouring rain.
The rain would normally be a nuisance, since I'm about to go out for some drinks and wouldn't want to a risk a hair and makeup disaster. But today feels different. The air is warm, the rain feels fresh, the people outside are laughing about how wet they are while they wring out their hair. Today feels different.
I don't have anything exciting or profound to say about finishing first year. I mean, I turned up to some lectures, I lived in halls, I had some wicked nights out and some even better nights in. As I sit here now with everything I own boxed up besides this laptop I can't help but feel all weird inside. I'm sad about saying goodbye to my home, because this little box room always felt like home even with big bad Birmingham on the outside of it, so unlike my home back in Lincolnshire. But as I'm getting ready to meet my housemates tonight I don't want to be sad, I want to look forward to the summer, to travelling to London and Manchester to stay with some of my best friends in the world, for the work experience, for the holidays to Paris and Amsterdam. But I can't help but feel that little twinge of sadness every moment longer I think about first year.

Here's to the future, but for now I'll have 5 more minutes of nostalgia.

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