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Hi everyone!

So I recently invested in the Bondi Sands gradual tanning milk after being recommended it, as I was sick of practically being a ghost. I've had experience with gradual tanners in the past, infact I reviewed the Dove Summer Glow in 2014 (post here) where I talked about how disappointed I was.

So here I am again, to moan about yet another gradual tanner, it only took 3 years. 

I will mention some good things about this tan, it's 'cocoa butter scent' is actually really nice. It isn't horrendous to apply and if you don't like it, the smell doesn't really linger on your body. 
As a product, it applies well, the Dove Summer Glow is a sticky formula that leaves you feeling wet and disgusting all day, whereas after a few minutes you can't even tell that you've just smothered yourself in tan; it blends in super easily and doesn't leave a layer on your skin.

However, I have been using this tan now for 7 days and I'll be honest, I can't even tell. I apply it every night, and some mornings too, leaving time to dry (under the instructions on the bottle). I have asked my friends/family if they think I look any more tanned and they don't see it either. 

I'm not going to give up on this product, I mean I've spent £11 on the massive bottle. If it gives me a hint of a tan at some point it will be worth it (she says). 
Lizzie x 

Things I Didn't Need in First Year

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Hi everyone!
So before I went to university last September I was scouring the internet looking for 'Things to Take to Uni' lists. These lists are practically endless, and everyone's uni situations are different, in my case our flat didn't come with a toaster or a kettle, some are fully equipped. So this is a list really based around my uni experience, but don't forget you don't need to take the kitchen sink with you - because you will have to bring it back.
image: wehearit

1. A Clothes Airer.
Let's be real, you'll probably never wash until you go home. But on the off chance you do like hell are you putting it on an airer, you're dropping £1.30 for a tumble dry.

2. Lots of sizes of saucepan.
You need a big one and a small one. No questions asked.

3. High heels.
Worn once. Feet practically bled on Pryzm's dance floor.

4. A load of teddy bears.
Sure, they're sentimental for when you're missing mummy and having a wee cry. But let's be real, you've got a tiny lil single bed and they just get in the damn way.

5. A door stop.
You'll soon realise you don't like your flatmates and you sure as hell don't want anyone poking into the dump you call a bedroom.

Did you take anything unnecessary to uni?