'What Do You Have to be Stressed About?'

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Ah yes, a question I get a lot.
A question anyone with anxiety DREADS to hear. Your breath is short and fast, your heart beating like crazy, you decide you need to get out of the situation when someone asks 'why?'.

It seems a simple question to anyone who doesn't live everyday with anxiety creeping over their shoulder. To someone who doesn't consistently feel self-conscious, to someone who doesn't think they're going to puke every time your seminar leader says they're going to pick on someone for an answer.

Rationally, you're right, what do I have to be stressed about? I have a roof over my head, electricity, food, clean water. But rational is not a word to describe the anxious mind. On top of the racing thoughts and the lack of sleep, the last thing I need to hear is 'I don't see what you have to be stressed about'.

So dear all the lucky lucky people who live their lives without being dragged down by these thoughts, please stop and think before you belittle someone's problems. You are not making it better, you are making it worse.

** If you feel you are struggling with anxiety or stress please talk to someone you trust, a mental health charity (e.g. Mind) or your GP. Don't go it alone. **

1 comment

  1. Exactly this. Anxiety is not rational and it can be exhausting. Better education is needed for sure!