one small step for man, one giant leap for liz

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dear reader,

ahead is a tale of incredible bravery. 

this weekend i conquered some of my biggest anxiety triggers.

in the last six months, i have avoided almost everything i was even mildly afraid of. since being diagnosed with IBS - i've been afraid of alcohol, eating out, being away from home. 

and this weekend i did ALL of those things.

i took a train to Birmingham, went out for dinner, drank alcohol, ordered Dominos (takeaway is a major fear too) and woke up the next morning and got back on another train.


to so many people, these seem like such simple things. to myself a year ago, these were simple! going out 3 times a week and waking up and using public transport was easy! but as my anxiety began to take over my brain this year i found myself having panic attacks at the thought of most of these things, especially if they were without my boyfriend by my side.

but honey I did it !!

i can't wait to keep pushing myself in the future.
here's to the rest of 2018.

lizzie x