Lizzie's Corner: all the best advent calendars that won't break the bank

Thursday, 15 November 2018

all the best advent calendars that won't break the bank

hi everyone!

i'm sure we've all seen some AMAZING niche advent calendars this year. but BLOOMING HELL they're all about £100?! these are not advent calendars made for the normal person on a budget, that's for sure. so i trawled the shops to find some that were.

haribo advent calendar - £5! *
who wouldn't want this? i'm going to get it for my boyfriend since he's a haribo obsessive.

link here 

i haven't tried this, and it's a bit annoying you have to buy two. but it seems like a sweet advent calendar for those a bit more adult and not wanting chocolate every day!

link here

this one's a lil bit more expensive but you get a LOT in it. you get 24 products, so less than a quid each. this one is perfect for the beauty lovers.

link here

this one is super cute! i'd personally love to receive this advent calendar. you get 24 little bath bombs, one to use each day in the run up to christmas. perfectly relaxing and festive for this stressful time of year!

link here 

there's not many non-chocolate advent calendars out there that won't break the bank, but these are some good ones!! 

let me know in the comments, are you getting an advent calendar this year? 

lizzie x

**all prices correct as of 15/11/18** 


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  1. I really need to get an advent calendar as soon as poss! I like the sound of the nivea one though!

    Chloe xx

  2. This is great! I had no idea the Haribo and Nivea ones even existed. I shall be tracking them down this weekend! Thank
    You! :)

  3. These are great! I love how far advent calendars have come from cheap chocolate punch-outs.

  4. The bomb cosmetics calendar looks gorgeous, and what a bargain! I've stuck with kinder this year (£3 at ASDA!) xx