Clinique X Bobbi Brown Event in John Lewis Sheffield

hi guys!!

so i thought i'd do a lil post today talking about one of the best afternoons i've had in a little while. i was invited through sheffield bloggers to attend a clinique X bobbi brown event in john lewis, which i was a little bit worried about since i'm a bit rubbish when it comes to makeup. i slap on the cheap stuff, yano. i'm hardly qualified to be talking clinique. 

i arrived a little early so i went for a cuppa in the john lewis cafe, so obvs i needed a wee afterwards (i have a v small bladder). and after i have my wee, i go to zip my jeans up, and the friggin ZIP BREAKS OFF. 

and i'm stood there, in a cubicle, knowing i had 5 minutes before i had to sign in for this bloggers event, knowing absolutely no one there, thinking christ. shall i go home? shall i buy some new jeans? course i can't bloody afford john lewis jeans! and i've only got five minutes! 

i mean, it wasn't exactly my lucky bloomin' day, but i was lucky enough that my jumper was massive enough to cover up my crotch area. but i did look like a bit of a melon in the world's largest jumper all day. and i was sweating my tatas off being unable to take off the cosiest jumper ever. 

here's me in the jumper BEFORE i became trapped in it.


i still had a really lovely day. this was my first event with sheffield bloggers and i was a bit worried everyone would know everyone. but everyone was super friendly!! 

plus, the event started out with free prosecco so i was hardly going to say no to that. it soon got me calmed down...

the event started off with a skin-care routine from the amazing clinique ladies. i'm a bit rubbish with my skin, some days i don't even moisturise let alone cleanse, tone, clarify... what on earth. (i obviously didn't tell them that!!). 

the girls showed us how to use their amazing looking fresh pressed powder vitamin C booster * which looked INCRED. i'd literally never seen a powder cleanser (you mix it with water, don't just shove the powder all over your face). they gifted us a few samples and i might have to get myself a full size asap. 

while we were there, i treated myself to their 'moisture surge hydrator' * which i already LOVE. we talked about how with all the cold weather and alcohol we consume around christmas our skin really takes a beating, so we need a bit of this 'paracetomol for the skin' as they put it!

then the girls at bobbi brown took over to show us how the real party looks are done. the pallettes they showed us were to die for. and oh my GOD check out the sparkly highlighter packaging down below... hello top of everyone's christmas list?! 

overall, the day was really really lovely. i had to throw out my jeans and panic order the first pair i saw on ASOS (arriving tomorrow hollaaa next day deliv). but i met the loveliest bloggers! and saw the most gorrrrgeous products!

you win some you lose some!
this post is dedicated to my £12 primark mom jeans, only 1 year old (ancient in primark years). may you rest in peace.

lizzie x 

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  1. This was so funny! The cubicle situation is not where I expected this to go when I read the title. Glad you had a good time at your first event with the group. RIP to your jeans, and I always love the Bobbi Brown Christmas collection stuff x


  2. I absolutely adore Clinique, sounds like a great event!

    Soph - x