Everyone's Christmas is Different (In Defence of the Boxing Day Sales)

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Today i'm talking about something that's close to my heart. 

Boxing day sales.

I love a sale me, just picked up an electric toothbrush £40 down from £80. Absolute bargain. My 10 year old toothbrush had been on the fritz for weeks so this was a lifesaver. 

But i get home and see a TONNE of tweets like 'god, can't think of anything worse than going out shopping on boxing day', and instagrams of the same tone.

Okay, yeah, whatever. you don't like it. you wanna stay inside snuggled up eating quality streets and watching telly.

But i don't!

Me and my mum go out every boxing day, do a bit of sale shopping, grab a bit of lunch. Had a dead lush chicken and vegetable soup today (look how happy i am about to eat it).

And yano what, that's our christmas.

Everyone's Christmas is different. And I completely understand that. but you still see tweets getting 20,000 retweets slagging off someone's roast dinner because the gravy's not thick enough or they don't have yorkshires.

Hold on to your hats everyone - we don't even have turkey. 

None of us like it, so why would we? for the sake of it? cause everyone else is?

No huns, we prefer beef so we have beef. 

And did anyone die? Nope.

But you'd think someone did for the sake of the agg going around online these past few days!! 

Not only that, I've seen arguments over people posting pictures of their Christmas dinners because it is making those without food jealous. And yeah, it probably is. But are we really going to be walking on eggshells forever? I've seen similar posts in regards to 'what i got for Christmas' blog posts and videos, because it's 'showing off' and 'not what Christmas is about'. But hey, most of us get presents, and if someone wants to post it online, you don't HAVE to look yano. 

I just don't know when Christmas got so judgemental, you can't do anything these days. You're a criminal for liking the strawberry cremes from the quality street tins the most! 

I would like to put forward that i prefer strawberry cremes. and beef over turkey. and i like yorkshire puddings and mash. and i like seeing what everyone got for Christmas. and i check social media on Christmas day. 

And it's okay if you DON'T do anything I do on Christmas. That's cool. You do you, B.

lizzie x 

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  1. I totally agree with you .There are some things that my family do and some things we don't, either because we don't like them or we don't agree with it. But at the end of the day, that's personal preference. Just because I don't do it, I'll be damned if I'm going to poop on someone for doing what they enjoy .B X