My Life is So Busy (and more excuses!)

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Hey everyone, long time no see. 
Quite a long time actually, given that it's been like almost a month since I posted anything on here. I've even been being rubbish on Twitter, and I love Twitter. 

So here's the deal, as so many of you know, I'm in third year! Which is really super scary and difficult. I'm SO blummin' close to the end right now, and there's so much going on. When I'm not doing uni work, I'm working at my actual job, or I'm having an interview for a new job, or I'm actually socialising with my friends, or I'm on a train to my boyfriend's. 

Basically, stuff is majorly crazy at the moment. And I feel super sad that I don't have the time let alone the motivation to be updating on here right now! 

But, all is not lost. Things are getting even more crazy, in that I'm MOVING next week. Yep, I'm moving. I'm packing my bags and I'm moving in with my boyfriend in Yorkshire. Ready to live all my Brontë dreams. 

I don't have much longer to go, so it's not goodbye for long, but for now this blog is on a sort-of pause. But I swear guys, 3 weeks max. DON'T LET ME GO FOR ANY LONGER THAN THAT. 

And fingers crossed, I'll be back even sooner. Hell, I might start procrastinating a bit more and writing a few more posts. 


Should I Get a Part Time Job at University?



Here’s a question I get a lot when I tell people I work around my studies, it’s: Should I get a part time job at university?

And the answer, as in everything, is never exactly clear-cut. 

To be honest, I wish I didn’t have a part time job. But sadly I’m not descended from royalty and the measly student loan we get doesn’t quite cover everything.

If you can get away with not having one, you’ll have way more time for uni work, and partying if that’s your thing.


I’ve got to say, I love having a job here. I work at the university so they completely understand that uni comes first and work comes second, which is a major plus. If I need some time off to catch up, it’s never a big deal. If you’re reading this and you’re looking for a job around your studies, I’d say flexibility is one of the most important things you can look for. Make sure that your employer remembers that you're here for your degree, and this is your side gig that pays for your Costa addiction.

Speaking from my experience, my part time job has taught me sooooo much about managing my time. And I know that sounds like something cringey you’d put on your CV, but it’s true. Without my job forcing me to utilise my spare hours for studying, I’d probably spend a lot more time just laying around in bed. And I’m really not that sort of person. I’m sort of annoyingly addicted to being productive and taking on every opportunity.

Not just that, but having a job helped me make friends with people I would have never met otherwise. Me and one of my closest friends were only saying the other day, that we have basically nothing in common and we never would have found each other without work, and now I can’t imagine life without her.

I’ve learnt to get on with such a wide range of people, and in doing so you learn so much about yourself.

I know this whole post sounds so wishy-washy and preachy, but I do genuinely love my job. If my bosses are reading this, hi guys, can I have employee of the month?

But don’t take my word for it. Having a job at uni was right for me, and I got the right job (luckily), but that’s not to say that every one will. But here’s what I will say: university goes so quickly. Take opportunities, learn about the world and learn about yourself.