Some Thoughts, and Some Faves

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Hey gang,

Thanks for joining me here once again, in the jumbled up mess I call my website.

I'm having a weird few days at the moment, because I just moved out of my uni house for the last time to enter the big bad world. Which has been really odd. And I've been doing a lot of thinking.

Arguably too much thinking.

I've learnt a lot about friendship in the last three years. University is an exceptional learning curve in the social department. The expectation is that you jump straight in to the 'perfect' social life with the friends you've been waiting your whole life to meet, when in reality it's so much harder. 

I can't really talk though, three of my best friends in the world are people I literally met within four days of moving into uni, two of those I met within the first 24 hours. And I've been mega lucky. We don't always get on but I found people that I really clicked with, that I was honest with and opened up my real self to them. And I met people that I didn't click with, that I forced friendships with because I thought that if I worked hard enough they'd like me. 

I think in reality, we can all admit we want everyone to like us. But I figured out recently that that's never going to happen. There are some people in this world who will just never like me. And that's okay. 

ANYWAY. Let's stop with all this depressing stuff. Let's move on to some happy things.


I did my first ever BIG DRIVE on a PROPER MOTORWAY this week. Yep. I'm a big girl now with a big girl car. Okay it's actually more like a little girl car, Cindy the Citroen is bloody cute though. 

I saw my family this weekend and we had a lovely time. Everything was lovely and happy.

Me and Pad had these lit pizzas at Doncaster Wool Market.

I stroked this FRIGGIN CUTE llama at Wentworth Garden Centre, which is one of my favourite days out in Doncaster. It's free to get in, and only £3 to meet the animals!

False Lashes sent me these AMAZING packs of lashes and they are literally gorgeous. They make me feel like a pretty princess. I'm trying to make more of an effort to look like a 'girl' so these are definitely what I was needing. I wore the 'Texture' lashes last week on a night out and I got SO many compliments. They also sent me this false eyelash applicator but I don't know if you know this, my one and only superpower is the fact that I can just apply false lashes hassle-free. Yep. It's not exactly being invisible but it's pretty good.

I got myself a nice lil job in my new area that I am SO excited to start. I don't want to talk tooooo much about it yet, I mean what if they fire me on my first day?!

So yeah, there's bad times, there's good.
At the mo, I'm looking for the good.

Lizzie x


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