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Hello Everyone!
Today was the first day in absolute yonks that I haven't been at work, school or poorly. So I am definitely taking advantage! No, I don't mean having a rest like any other person would; I mean travelling up to busy Nottingham to spend all of my wages!
I only allowed myself £50 to spend as I have a bad habit of overspending, so I only got bits from Primark and MAC (my two favourite shops). 

These little slippers were strung across the floor in the shoe section, but sadly weren't in my size. But knowing how cuuute I thought they were, my boyfriend scoured the shop to find these in a size 6. These were only £5 and are so adorable!! Except the only problem is my dog thinks they're a toy...

This next item is my first ever MAC pigment, I have been lusting after them online for a good while but never knew which colour to get. I was just at the counter paying for my other items when I saw this little pigment in the 'Sized to Go' section for only £10 and I just knew I needed it. I am such an impulse buyer - it really is a problem.

I went to MAC with the intentions of buying Velvet Teddy - which of course they didn't have. Then I picked 3 others I liked - which of course they didn't have (SORT IT OUT MAC). So I ended up getting this beauty 'Modesty'. It is a cremesheen finish which I don't normally like but this really is gorgeous on.

This one is a bit boring - typical black work/school trousers. BUT they were only £5!!! And they are the best fitting trousers I've ever bought. Primark you absolute babes, bargain and a half.

This next dress is one of those buys you aren't really in love with when you buy but then you get home, try it on and realise it's the one. I just bought this for general parties and that around this holiday period, which i think it is fabulous for. And only a tenner too!

Can you tell I'm a tad exited about today's purchases? Not to mention the loooovely day I had with my boyfriend in Nottingham. Fab. Back to work tomorrow!

Post soon, Lizzie x 

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