Hello Everyone!
The amazing thing about this blog is that I can turn back time to January and find out the resolutions I made for 2014... Whether this is a good or bad thing I don't know. 
So, did I keep them?

1. Drink more green tea.
This one definitely went down the toilet, I just have it from time to time. I can't force myself to go back to drinking it 24/7 like I used to when I just don't find it tasty anymore.

2. Read more books.
Another one I just couldn't keep... I read a few, The Great Gatsby, Why We Broke Up, Two Boys Kissing, How Do You Stop Your Sister's Wedding Night, Every Day. It seems like quite a few but I read all of these in about 2 months then gave up. Oops,

3. Write more. 
I definitely kept this up for the majority of the year, but my writing went into a bit of a slump in September when sixth form rolled around. I just felt guilty writing blog posts when I should've been doing homework.

4. Achieve good GCSE results.
I actually wrote a post in August about my GCSE results. I am very happy with them (5 BS, 5 AS, 1 A*). That's one I actually kept!! 

So maybe I didn't keep them quite as well as I hoped. I'm definitely going to start thinking of some resolutions for 2015! 

Did you keep your 2014 resolutions?
Lizzie x


  1. Resolutions are there to be broken ;)
    Heres to 2015! :D
    Elephant stories and more

  2. What a great post! It's great to look back and reflect! It doesn't matter that you broke your resolutions, at least you drank more tea and read more books than if you hadn't have made the resolutions! Congrats on your results, by the way!
    Sam xx

  3. everyone breaks their resolutions i think! at least you kept some :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com