the 2018 home stretch



i'm actually like ... shook. and i hate that word but i think it's the most appropriate to describe the emotion i'm feeling right now.

i actually hadn't even realised it was practically november until i saw hannah witton's recent post about the 2018 home stretch and the goals she wanted to achieve before 2018 was over.

and i was like what?? over?? help. 

and i thought, gosh i need some goals for the end of 2018. i need to achieve something. i made a post earlier this year about how i'd totally failed all of my resolutions already, and i never made any more.

hannah's goals are quite good. like running 5k and reading 8 books. mine definitely aren't going to be that good. i'm pretty much drowning under a big pile of university dread that basically takes over my brain.

so i'm gonna make some small goals that will really incentivise me to reach them. cause i should be actually able to!!

  • read one book. this sounds really bloody easy but i actually haven't read a book since may. i am possibly the worst book lover ever. i just bought hank green's an absolutely remarkable thing and i've heard AMAZING reviews so i really do want to read it soon. i just have to get off my friggin phone all the time!! 
  • get my budget in order. last year i was super good at writing absolutely everything down, every penny. this year i'm tapping that contactless card like it's going out of fashion. i need to slow down and re-make my budget sheet and stick to it.
  • stay on track with university reading. every year without fail i get weeks behind on the reading and because everyone else does too i'm like eh, i'll catch up. and i DO, but like at the end of the year, when it's way more beneficial to read as you go. it's week 4 and i'm still on track. only 7 more to go. 
and i know these sound simple but come on guys, we only do have 2 months. there aren't any big crazy goals this time but this is about achieving what i actually want and need to achieve, not running a marathon for the sake of it. 

do you have any #2018homestretch resolutions?
lizzie x



  1. This year seems to be going so quickly! I have a few blogging milestones I'd love to reach but if I don't it's totally okay!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. The year has definitely just flew by! Some good goals there, and as you say there is only 2 months left so better to set goals that are reachable! But if not you can always bring them through to the new year as well!

    Chloe x

  3. This year has flown by so far!
    I think your goals are realistic enough to be achievable but their still not going to be easy so credit where credit is due, my love. Well done for making these end of year goals and good luck with them!
    Hanna x |

  4. I don't think that this year is ALMOST over because 2 months is still a very long time and I don't want to wish the year away. But it has gone incredibly quick... It's a bit ridiculous! Great goals! I don't really have any, apart from finish my Christmas shopping!


  5. I like these goals they’re realistic, it’s better to achieve small goals then miss big ones!
    -Kyra |

  6. Love this post! You're making me miss University - there is so much reading though so don't get overwhelmed with it. I always found that I read/understood things better at the end of the module, so don't panic too much! xx <3

  7. I haven't made any resolutions yet but I feel like I need to after reading this! I hope you manage to achieve them all, I really need to stop buying things too I wish I was better with money!

    Jess //

  8. It's so crazy how fast the year has gone, I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I'm sure you can achieve those goals! My goal is to try and save a bit more money, I know that may be hard with Christmas but I'm hoping it's doable

    Chloe xx