world mental health day

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hi everyone,

today is a special day. in a way. it's world mental health day. but for someone struggling with mental illness, it always sort of feels like world mental health day, maybe universe mental health day. 

i've been pretty honest on the blog lately. i've been getting real with struggling with anxiety and the added pressure of an illness on my little brain. 

this summer, i honestly got as low as i thought i could go. i thought about never going back to birmingham to finish my final year, i thought about staying inside snuggling my dog forever. 
and as much as i would looooove to give my dog a big snuggle and never let go, it's just not real. i realised i couldn't miss out on the world, i love travelling around the uk, i love going out with my friends, but my anxiety was stopping me even dare. 

i'd like to say that not every tactic works for everyone. but for me the thing that really got me out of a hole was exposure therapy. i worked on a step by step plan with my counsellor on how to work up from small car journeys (even they were freaking me out) to eventually taking long train journeys with several changes. it took a lot, and my body didn't like it, but i did it. the hours of anxious thoughts before stepping on a train now hardly even cross my mind. 

my point is, it really can get better. and it's super hard. and no, i'm not free from anxiety. and i'm still struggling in so many different ways. but i have hope. and i have so many good friends that don't mind talking about mental illness with me, who love and support me no matter what i'm going through, and without them i wouldn't be where i am now, i'd probably be somewhere in that hole still.

if you do anything to support world mental health day, message a friend and ask how they are, take them out for a coffee, let them open up to you, or just let them know you aren't ashamed to talk about mental illness, because no one should be.



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