remember, remember, the fifth of november


dear friends,

today is a post about one of the most magical nights of the year. bonfire night.

and i know, a lot of people don't celebrate it. and a lot of people bloody hate it because it sends their dogs skitty or the youths throw eggs, i know, those things suck. 

but i've gotta say, i love it. maybe a lil more than christmas??

no, wait, probably not.

for me, the fifth of november is a real family event. we get together to try to make a half-decent bonfire (this year's attempt above - pretty good right? yeah, it had nothing to do with me). we have hot dogs and potatoes and amazing puddings. we laugh about the year someone forgot to put raisins in their tiffin or the year my grandad burned his eyebrows off. we fight over whose fireworks were the best. we see who will be bagatelle champion (sorry if you've not heard of this game, no one ever has, give it a google). 

the air is just getting cold, and since it's only just started you don't quite resent the cold yet, and putting your bobble hat on is still a novelty. 

and you feel like a kid again because every year it still feels the same. 



  1. I love bonfire night too! It just makes me feel super cosy! I love the smells, and toffee apples and cosy clothes!

    Rhianna x

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing night!

    Ellie xx