saying no to blogmas

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dear friends, 

i have ummed and ahhed all blummin month about doing blogmas this year.

everyone seems to be doing it. and even those who can't do the full 24 days are still offering up 12! 

imagine, a blog post every day. i've probably not even written 24 this year!!
and i almooooost **almost** challenged myself to do it. i thought i could schedule half now and the other half would come to me before december. WELL I'M WRONG.

and why on earth would i put myself under that amount of stress!!

the thing with blogmas is, i could do it, anyone could. 

but should we?

24 days of content is a lot, and making sure all of it is 100% your best content surely can't be possible? 

i don't want to put myself on some kind of major high horse, and maybe if blogging was my full time gig it would be do-able, but for those of us will full-time lives i just can't see it being feasible. 

i worry about putting content out on my blog all the time, i worry about writing enough posts to be taken 'seriously'. but why?! 

i think i've realised something which it's taken me 20 years to conclude, that it really is quality over quantity. 

i'm a rusher, it's one of my worst traits. 2000 word essay? i'll write it all TONIGHT so it's over with. 

24 blog posts? NOW. 

CHRIST someone stop me!! 

i think it's safe to say, there will be no blogmas this year. and i'm trying to be okay with that. i'm still 'serious', i swear. 

yours sincerely,
'proper serious blogger' lizzie x

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