Saving Money as a Student - No Meal Deals in 2019

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Today we're talking about something EVERY student asks about, how to save money

Did you know apparently the average office worker spends £2.83 every day on lunch?

I reckon i could top that at uni. 

So you live on your own, it's free reign. there's no one about to judge you for never taking a pack up. you go to tescos on your own, choose your £3 meal, then you eat it alone in the library. no one knows.

God, I'm starting to sound like a secret eater (have I ever mentioned that 'Secret Eaters' that used to be on Channel 4 is like, the best show ever?). 

You've not got to have a degree to know taking a pack up is cheaper than splurging on meal deals, subways and snacks every day - and i've almost blummin' got one. 

It's not even just food, I love a cup of tea so i get one - sometimes two - every day. and i tell myself, 'well they're only £1.50!'. But uh, when i get two a day, five days a week, that's £15 on tea. That I could get for free at home. 

So i am hailing the start of NO MEAL DEALS IN 2019. 

To be honest, I was getting sick of that tesco chicken and stuffing sandwich with mars bar and diet coke anyway. Yes - I'm that predictable. 

But i never plan lunch. then have to walk past tesco on my way in and think 'ooh!'.

WELL IT'S OVER TESCO. I'm dumping you. 
It's not me, it's you. 
I'm chopping my clubcard in half. 

That money could be better spent! On like, ASOS, or whatever.

So here's the plan.

My mum bought me this amazing travel cup * that you can fold down for easy handbag storage as one of my Christmas presents. It's MEGA cool. milk is free at uni anyway, and so is hot water. So i basically just need to stash teabags in my purse and i'll be well away. I might even have 3 cups a day if they're going free!

And here's the hard part. PACKED LUNCH. 

I've had an ongoing battle with packed lunch my entire life. I always used to force my sandwiches down in primary school so the dinner ladies would let me eat my mini rolls. In secondary school, i pretty much ditched lunch altogether in favour of a few biscuits throughout the day to stop me flagging.

By sixth form, I started to need lunch. mainly taking pasta or rice. But then some days ditching it if someone was driving us all to mcdonalds, or getting 2 chocolate bars from the vending machine if I was particularly stressed out (which is always, you know me).

You might be able to tell, I place a lot of weight on my mood. Unless i'm feeling super happy and content, I'll use any old excuse to ditch the lunch in favour of something sugary. 
And let's face it, I'm always stressed out when i'm at uni. I may, in fact, be stressed out for the rest of my life at this rate.

but i've scoured the net, and compiled this list of packed lunches that i'm going to try this year. the hot ones are going to be put in my AMAZING thermos food flask *, keeps food hot for ages, has a spoon inside it too. couldn't recommend it more. 

I'm really really really going to try to prepare lunch every day this year. No more treats. No more train station Cornish pasties - did you know I bought a pasty at Birmingham New Street station last week that cost me a fiver?! 

But uh, my intention is not just to buy 39p pasties and heat them up every morning before uni. I might - if I have to. That would still be sticking to my resolution. As this is more about money than any sort of 'health' or 'weight loss' scheme (although both would be welcome with open arms).

So here's the deal. When future lizzie wants to get herself a subway, she can come back to this post and i'm telling her NO. I'm leaving a list below of meals ideas I'm intending to make this semester to save me some sweet sweet cash. 

  • broccoli and pesto pasta
  • chicken and mushroom pasta
  • burrito bowl
  • spicy rice
  • chicken and bacon salad
  • mozzerella and tomato ciabatta
  • chilli con carne
  • turkey and avocado sandwich
  • ham salad pitta
  • hummus and pitta
  • soup and bread
  • noodles stir fry 
  • mixed bean salad
I will be doing an update post on this to see how I'm getting on and how i'm budgeting food!

lizzie x


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