Thoughts On My Final Semester At University

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Hi gang,

It's me. Back again. Ready to ramble on for a bit again, and you're welcome to join.

So, uh, I just started my final semester at university. 

And you might think, but liz, don't you have a summer semester? I mean, no, because I do a degree course that doesn't have any final exams, which means all I have to do in summer is hand in work, which we do electronically, which means I'll be leaving birmingham at the end of this semester. 

And I thought I'd write this post when I first moved back, but it's actually been about a week since I came back after Christmas. It took a lot to get me back here, I had a bit of a wobble last week whilst my brain prepared itself for fending for myself. But now that i'm back, it's like I never left.

And it's also like I never left because I sort of never stopped working, I had a tonne of stuff to do over Christmas, making my Christmas 'break' possibly the most stressful 4 weeks of my life. I handed in 3 massive assignments this week, and there is no time for relaxing in third year, so I'm straight back in the library.

Third year kind of sucks, because you have so much to do, you never relax, then when you do relax you feel guilty. 

Until this point, I've dealt quite well with university stress. I plan out my days, my weeks, my semesters, and I give myself ample time to complete everything with a little bit of leeway for a break at the end. But this semester I don't have a clue what I'm doing, none of the assignments make sense and every conversation you have with a course mate is probably about how much you all want to cry. It's sort of a mood dampener.

So, I won't lie, I'm feeling very apprehensive.
But there's 10 more weeks until teaching ends, and I think about 16 until it's properly over. So, I just have to keep swimming I guess.

If you have any tips/tricks for lifting my mood they will be gratefully received!!

Until then,


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  1. I'm guessing you are done now or pretty soon? I'm coming close to the end of first year and honestly I have to give appreciation to final years who still have a life because it seems tough as hell.

    Chelle |